Q.How do I receive my purchased artwork?
A.You can either pick up your purchased item at our store or we can ship the item to your home address.
Q.Do you ship overseas?
A.Yes. We offer shipping overseas. However, some scrolls may use ivory that may have to be replaced depending on where you wish to ship your purchased item.


Q.What are the available methods of payment?
A.What are the available methods of payment?

What is Bonsai Scroll Speciality Store: Yamazoe Tenkodo?

Q.Is it possible to take a look at the actual artwork before making a purchase?
A.Yes. If you would like to take a look at the artwork before making a purchase, please come visit our store located in Kyoto Gion. In regard to our customers overseas, you can make a purchase in order to examine the artwork in person. If the item is not of your preference, you can return the item and we will offer a full refund (see our return & refund policy). However, we ask our customers to pay the shipping fee required to return the product.
Q.Is it possible to return a purchased artwork?
A. Yes, we accept returns of purchased product and offer a full refund if you contact us within 7 days of the delivery date (the date that you receive the product). However, we will require you to pay the shipping fee required to return the item. Furthermore, please pay careful attention when repackaging the artwork for return.
Q.Are the listed artworks printed or handwriting?
A.All our listed artworks are handwriting. We do not offer printed artworks at our store.
Q.Is it possible to help me look for an artwork that is not listed?
A.Yes. We can assist you in finding the artwork that you desire. Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.
Q.Are all the listed artworks genuine?
A.Yes, the authenticity of our listed artworks are guaranteed unless the item is inscribed with “attributed to ~ ”. Although each of our listed artworks have been carefully examined and inspected by professionals, if an expert (academic institution or public art museum curator) deems your purchased item to be inauthentic, we will offer a full refund for your purchased item. In order to make a claim of authenticity, please do the following:

  • Inform us of who has examined the artwork as well as his or her professional opinion.
  • Return the artwork. We ask of you to pay the required shipping fee for the items return.
  • Once the artwork has been returned, we will give you a full refund.
    We may contact the professional who claimed inauthenticity for further investigation in order to improve upon the quality of our listed artworks.

Q.What does the mark “Attributed to” mean?
A.If an artwork is inscribed, it does not mean that it is inauthentic. The artwork does indeed include the artist’s signature/seal and its age is properly identified. However, due to the inadequate amount of research so far, authenticity cannot be fully guaranteed.
Q. Do you issue a certificate of authenticity?
A.No, although we ourselves do not issue certificates claiming authenticity, there are professional institutions such as the “Tokyo Art Club” that do so. We maintain contacts with the appropriate institutions so that a certificate of authenticity is possible if our customers require. If your purchased item is applicable, we will take the necessary procedures to ensure you of a certificate. However, a fee will be required. We will inform you of the fee as it differs according to the judge, and the artist. In the case that the judge deems the artwork as forged, the fee will be paid by our store.
Q.How do I properly preserve my scrolls and paintings?
A.Store your scrolls and paintings in a box and avoid placing the artworks areas of high humidity and direct sunlight. Furthermore, make sure that you hang your scrolls and paintings at least once or twice a year. At Japanese temples, the artworks are taken out of their boxes once a year and placed under (indirect) sunlight and exposed to fresh air in order to prevent damages from humidity, mold, and insects.