Yamazoe Tenkodo is a Kyoto-based store specialized in paintings and calligraphic works for over 100 years. We procure various paintings and calligraphic works such as scrolls and folding screens created during the Muromachi period to the Showa period. Many people who were looking for a scroll to compliment their bonsai tree have visited our store. Our mission is to connect the treasures we have inherited from the past with responsible customers in the present ensuring that such treasures are preserved to the next generation. Currently, our generation is flooded with inexpensive decorations in the form of posters, printed pictures, and counterfeits. Our hope is to attract the current generation to the realm of authentic traditional Japanese art. Our website “Bonsai scrolls” is for people who are looking for a scroll to compliment their bonsai tree. It is our pleasure to help aid our customers through such a journey.

What Makes Us Special

We are the oldest store that specializes in paintings and calligraphy in Kyoto. We are proud of our 107 year long history, our collection of artworks, and our accumulated knowledge.

Our Customers

Our customers are from a variety of places and backgrounds. Our customers include the following:

  • Tourists (both Japanese & foreign)
  • People who are in need of seasonal decorations.
  • Japanese as well as foreign personal art collectors.
  • Researchers and academics who study Japanese art (both Japanese & foreign)
  • Museum curators (both foreign & Japanese)

A Real Store That You Can Visit

Recently, the majority of art dealer shops have only an online component, Yamazoe Tenkodo has an actual store since our establishment years ago where you can come and see our collection in person.
Yamazoe Tian Kodo Real store insideYamazoe Tian Kodo Real store sign

We Are a Member of the Art Dealers Association

Yamazoe Tenkodo is a member of the “Art Dealers Association” or more commonly known as the “Art Club” in Japan. The “Art Club” is a well-trusted and renowned union that requires extensive qualifications as well as a referral from a current member to join. The “Art Dealers Association” is located in Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. In addition, we also belong to the “Ohto Antique Art Association”, the “Kyoto Antiquarian Book Association”, the “Tokyo Antiquarian Book Association”, and the “Osaka Antiquarian Book Association”.